Are there such things as HCG Diet Drops Dangers?

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You can easily get physically weakened by the HCG diet. It is a diet which supplies very little calories – 500 calories to be exact. There’s an 800 calorie scheme, however, for those who find the 500 calorie diet really difficult.  The program though has some built-in safeguards meant to reduce chances of really serious problems arising.

The HCG program starts not with the very low calorie diet but with two days of loading calories. You wonder why. Well, you need extra fuel when you hit phase2 which is the low calorie diet.  You do not worry about gaining weight as within a couple of days you’ll be losing whatever weight you gained during the two days.

You start absorbing the HCG hormone the first day of the loading period. HCG is another reason why the diet does not affect your health negatively.  A substance that natural occurs among pregnant women, HCG boosts the performance of the metabolism. When in the past you might just be storing fat, with HCG you’d be burning fat fast and do you know where all the calories produced by the fat burning go?  They do not get flushed out but retained by the body to augment the little calories provided by the HCG diet. There’s little chance the diet can weaken you physically.

There are several ways of absorbing the HCG hormone. There’s the trans-dermal gel, HCG spray, HCG injection and the oral drops. Of these methods, it’s the injection that has the most dangers because people do not like it; they are painful and highly prone to infections. Otherwise it’s the most effective method since it’s got 100 percent absorption rate. But you have to be careful when buying HCG injections. It appears that most HCG scams involve the sale of fake HCG injections.

These days the HCG diet drops is the most preferred HCG product. At 95%, its absorption rate is just a shade below the injections. It’s cheaper and, despite the fact that you have to take it three times a day as opposed to the once a day of the injections,  very convenient.  Of course, you do not have to prepare anything to successfully administer the HCG diet drops.

Another thing you’ll like about the oral HCG is there’s no such thing as HCG diet drop dangers. Whatever difficulties you experience from the HCG program, like hunger pangs, giddiness and mood swings, are not actually caused by the hormone, but by the low calorie diet. The HCG when you absorb the proper amount, serious HCG diet side effects is prevented.

There are some instances when HCG dieters have headaches even body pains. These cannot really be considered as side effects of the HCG. In the process of burning fat some toxins are released causing the mild headaches.  The muscles also lose its cushioning fat layers causing the body pains.  Both discomforts will not bother you for long.

Should you worry about HCG diet drops dangers? Well, the HCG doesn’t contain anything that can affect your health, so why should there be HCG diet dangers.

HCG Diet Tips: Things to do for Fast and Safe HCG Program

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Definitely you’ll have issues with the HCG diet.  It’s a diet that’s more low calorie than most others.  Surprisingly, though, its side effects are not really hard to deal with. They are in fact easier to deal with compared with the side effects of other low calorie diets.

There is one very effective way of ensuring the HCG diet really works and does not make trouble for you.  The HCG diet program which also includes daily absorption of the HCG hormone was formulated with losing weight as well as safety in mind. Thus, what you do actually to enjoy a fast and safe weight loss is merely to follow the diet recipe provided and procedures for administering the HCG hormone, whether it’s through injections or oral drops.

The HCG diet recipe that you will find in the book “Pounds and inches” that was written by Dr. Simeon contains clear cut instructions on the kinds of food you are to eat, including the amounts. The recipe is meant to provide 500 calories a day, so measurements to be observed without fail. Deviations can have undesirable effects.

The negligible calorie consumption will bring extreme hunger pangs especially since the diet does not permit solid food for breakfast. There several things you can do to make the hunger pangs manageable. You can divide the food for the day in little portions. Instead of eating thrice a day, you can eat 4 to five times a day.

Taking frequent snacks are also an excellent way of restricting hunger.  You can expect the hunger to be particularly troublesome in the morning. This is the time when you need to continuously munch on bits of foods to forestall the onset of really serious hunger. Be sure, though, to count the calories you get from the snacks. You will have to account for them when you total the amount of calories you took in for the day.

You get depressed when you are not able o eat your usual amount of food. Taking frequent snacks or increasing the frequency of meals aids not only in addressing hunger issues but also in limiting mood swings. The act of eating though the portions may be small makes you feel more cheerful.

One other thing that you can do to prevent hunger and other HCG diet dangers is to follow the prescribed protocols of the HCG hormone.  In women who produce the hormone in great abundance during pregnancies, the hormone acts as an appetite suppressant and metabolism accelerator.  You will not benefit from these advantages if you fail to follow administration procedures.

You are to ingest 125 to 200 IUs of the hormone daily. When you ingest the HCG through the injections, you are to do it once a day while its three times a day for the oral drops.

You have to be careful with the injections. Besides being painful, they are highly susceptible to contamination, too. Make sure the HCG is refrigerated and the mixing kits, syringes and solutions are sterile.

When the powers of the HCG are active, there is no reason why you should not lose weight quickly and safely.


HCG Diet Recipes for the Stages of the HCG Diet

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There are weight loss programs which solve your problem by a balanced diet and regular exercises. The HCG diet is not one of these diets.  It reduces your calorie consumption drastically and no workouts are needed.  The HCG diet, however, is healthy because it’s composed chiefly of vegetables, fruits, seafood and meats. These foods are brimming with fibers and proteins, nutrients that help to improve the performance efficiency of body systems particularly your digestive system.

The HCG diet is divided into three stages. The first is the calorie loading stage. This covers only two or three days depending on your physical condition. Usually when you have just come off an unsuccessful low calorie diet; your body is a bit worn out. You need to stock up on calories in preparation for the difficult very low HCG diet ahead.

The calorie loading is the easiest of all the stages. The recipe for this period is nothing special. Pick out all the calorie rich foods you like, gorge on them for two or three days and you should be ready for stage 2. It is possible you’ll gain a few weight, but do not let it worry you.  By the next 48 hours you would have shed them and more pounds to boot.

The additional fat you gain from the calorie loading means you have adequate source of energy during the next phase. This lessens the chance of serious HCG diet side effects happening. Phase 2 HCG diet recipes will not give you more than 800 calories a day. Your body needs a minimum of 2000 calories if you are a woman and a minimum of 2500 if you are man. You will have to augment your daily calorie absorption with the calories available in your accumulated body fat. This makes it easier for your body to adjust to the calorie-starved diet particularly during the first few days.

You take the HCG at the start of the loading period and go on taking it until the 23rd day. The hormone is known for its ability to reduce hunger, but you might still need some other things to really reduce hunger to a level that won’t bother you. Thus, you may have to resort to eating four to five times a day.  At the end of the day though make sure you have not absorbed more calories than the program allows.

The low calorie recipe is found in the book “Pounds and Inches” book written by Dr. Simeon.  For best results, you are discouraged from modifying the recipe. There is a list of foods permitted and the proper way of preparing meals. You can take supplements, however, to deal with food cravings or you are feeling weak.

The third stage, the 21 day maintenance stage, features a diet vastly similar to the very low calorie diet. As already mentioned, the latter has all the nutrients you need to keep your body in good health except, of course, that it does not provide the appropriate amount of calories. You may have to engage in a bit of experimentation to determine what foods and amounts to add to the very low calorie diet.  The rule of thumb is you add calories to your diet slowly, resisting the urge to over-indulge. This slow process helps you determine which foods and amounts you can add to the low calorie diet to transform it into a permanent diet, a diet which will not lead to weight gain.

The Importance of HCG Diet Phase 3

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By the time you move into phase 3 of the HCG diet, you are expected to have lost the excess pounds that have been giving you problems.  Phase 3 covers 21 days and during this time you are to find out what specific diet can prevent your weight problem from coming back.

Phase 2 of the HCG weight loss is the most difficult of the HCG phases. It’s the phase where you are supposed to lose weight. The recipe provides minimal calories. You have a choice of diet schemes, a 500 calorie daily scheme or 800 calorie scheme. Both schemes feature the same protein and fiber rich foods: vegetables, lean meat, sea food and fruits. Both require that you drink around two liters of water each day. The diets help you lose weight in a number of ways: the reduction in calorie consumption is dramatic, your body is detoxified and the powers of the HCG hormone that you take in the process of dieting are activated. The HCG transforms your metabolism into fast fat burner and reduces hunger.

As you can see phase 2 of the HCG diet plan except for the scarcity in calories is a healthy and nourishing diet. Phase 3 then merely entails getting more of the foods allowed in phase 2 and determining the number of calories you have add to them. If you are following Simeon’s program, which is the original by the way, it will ask you not to revert back to fast, junk and highly processed foods that you are used to eat. These are high on calories and starches not to mention the chemical preservatives which not only can have your weight shooting up again but can also ruin your health.

The minimum number of calories that women need daily is 2000. For men it’s 2500.  More than that and you have to engage in exercises to eliminate the unused calories before they settle down in your body as fat.

You have to use of the bathroom scale extensively. Take you weight every morning and relate it with what you ate the previous day. This way it would be easy for you to identify what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. What specific foods or food combination are making you gain weight.  Once you have observed stretches of time wherein you are no longer gaining weight eating the same foods, this means you have found your permanent diet and chances are you will not have a weight problem ever again.

Kevin Trudeau, an advocate of the HCG diet, believes eating is not just about satisfying hunger but about good health as well and so for phase 3 he recommends organic foods.  You will do well by following his advice. Trudeau’s and Simeon’s phase 3 programs are of course directed at effecting a positive change in your eating habits. Though, both do not endorse exercises during the low calorie diet stage for health reasons, during phase 3 and onwards, you will have a better time maintaining your new figure by becoming more physically active.

HCG phase 3 is not very difficult, but you have to be careful what foods you have to eat.

What Benefits you get from HCG Diet Shots

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The HCG hormone can make losing weight not a very difficult undertaking.  This hormone that’s found in the body of pregnant women has certain attributes that speeds-up the weight loss process.  It stimulates the built-up fat in your body,  making it available for burning.

There are two major ways of dispensing the HCG hormone. There’s the HCG taken orally and there’s the HCG taken through injections.  The latter has been the method used since the HCG program was introduced more than 60 years ago. The oral HCG on the other hand was introduced just a few years ago to provide an alternative to the HCG diet shots which some people do not like.  The HCG program is a do-it-yourself and one can understand why not all like the injections.

The HCG diet shots are done once a day, preferably early morning. Each day you are to absorb 125 to 200 IUs of the hormone.  Besides prodding fat free from its hiding places, the HCG is also supposed to reduce hunger. Anytime you feel hunger pangs are becoming a problem, you can tinker with the amount of HCG you are taking just do not go over the prescribed upper limit.

The HCG diet shots is the best method for you if you are not bothered by needles.  It has a 100% absorption rate. The oral drops on the other hand, only has 95%.  You have to be careful when you prepare the shots as Injectables are easily contaminated. Make sure paraphernalia are clean and wipe cotton with alcohol in the area where you are to inject the hormone.

The HCG drops is definitely easier to take than the shots.  This is the method of choice for people who do not like needles, which can be painful and can induce blood clotting, and do not have time for the wearisome preparations. The drops, about 15 drops, are taken three times a day preferably 20 minutes before meals. You keep the liquid under the tongue for about 5 seconds before swallowing it.

The HCG hormone works with a weight loss diet that provides very low calorie.  There are two diet schemes, one providing just 500 calories, another providing 800 calories.  Both make you lose weight at a rate of not less than one half pound and up to two pounds.

The schemes are detox diets and mostly made up of foods rich in protein and fiber.  Your system gets cleaned up and your metabolism works a lot better. This results in speedy and continuous burning of fats stimulated by the HCG hormone.  Food cravings and hunger are significantly reduced because the fats are converted into calories which are carried by the blood throughout the body.

The HCG weight loss program is an effective weight loss diet. It has become even better with the HCG drops.  People now have a choice. They use the HCG drops when the shots prove uncomfortable. There are other benefits of the drops besides the easier administration. The drops method is also cheaper than the injections and other ways of HCG hormone administration.